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[#18] Internet/Podcasts: Right Content... Right Place... Right Time

[#18] Internet/Podcasts: Right Content... Right Place... Right Time

What perfect technology for AWR to be using at this moment in time to spread the gospel around the world - especially into those regions of earth that have historically used censorship to keep out Christianity. There are almost two billion Internet users at the present time - from Saudi Arabia, to China, Indonesia, Libya, and beyond!

The potential is endless for the gospel! People are using Internet cafes to connect with AWR producers to ask questions that are weighing on their minds: about God, the future, what happens after death, and more. Many are realizing that their "gods" can offer no hope now or in the future.

AWR's radio programs hold a wealth of answers for these people, but not everyone is within reach of a radio broadcast. Three years ago, we set up a system to make all of our audio files available for download. In one enormous leap, we instantly expanded our ministry to a truly worldwide outreach.

Today, every single one of our radio programs is available for online listening ("on demand") and download ("podcasts"). This is an enormous breakthrough!

The response has been far beyond our vision. But that's the way God operates when we step out in faith. The total number of AWR podcasts downloaded globally for the year 2011 (we don't have full numbers at the time of this writing for 2012) was over 211 million programs! And our global engineer tells us that number is increasing by 50 percent every six months - exponential growth!

The most popular podcasts are some of our highest-priority languages: Arabic, Amharic, Malayam, and Indonesian, as well as French. To gain these online audiences - without any advertising - is thrilling, to say the least.

And now AWR listeners can share the good news: we have developed podcast invitations in multiple languages that anyone can download and share with their non-English-speaking neighbors. Simply go to www.awr.org/invite and download an invitation in a language of your choice and give it to your neighbor, gas station attendant, or...

The task at hand: AWR's task is to not only continue producing wonderful programs but to make it even easier for people to find them. How do we do that? By targeted Internet advertising! Our programs are available to almost two billion people, but they need to realize that the programs are available and are free. Using specialized advertising on the Internet, we can direct many more seekers to our programs. We have already tested our plan, and it works!

Help AWR implement this aggressive plan so that many more people can listen to AWR ... in the darkness of night in a closed country, or share them freely and openly with friends in other regions of the world. Wherever it may be, we guarantee that your gifts will result in winning souls to Jesus Christ.

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