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[#1] Blanketing the Middle East and North Africa with the Gospel

[#1] Blanketing the Middle East and North Africa with the Gospel

When it comes to reaching the Middle East for Christ, it is one of the most challenging areas of the world. Why? As a stronghold of Muslim believers, the Middle East has stringent and exacting limitations on religious liberty. Persecution certainly takes place in other parts of the world, but here, it is not uncommon for people to be killed for accepting any other belief system. They must be extremely careful in all they say and do.

For this reason, there are very, very few Adventists in this region who openly display their faith. In fact, in some areas there is not one known Adventist in the entire country. What to do?

The handful of local believers cannot spread the gospel message ontheir own; they need help. AWR has the answer: our broadcasts can reach millions of listeners in the secrecy of their homes. Through AWR, Muslims are hearing and responding to the love of Jesus.

We cannot divulge most of the reports we have, because of their sensitive nature, but one listener wrote: "Your station has been a first 'window' for me to be introduced to Christianity in the right way."

Your financial help for the following regions will allow millions of people the opportunity to hear the good news of Christ in their own language.

Arabic: Mission-Critical Programs
Help reach the more than 500 million people who speak Arabic - one of AWR's highest-priority mission languages. Your gifts will enable our staff at the new studio in Lebanon to continue creating programs in Arabic, Farsi, Kabyle, and Tachelit and purchase airtime on radio stations.

Iran in the News
In Iran, no public expressions of Christianity are permitted ... period! Many people are being persecuted and killed for their newfound faith. Despite this horror, radio is having an impact, and the number of Christians is growing. Selecting this gift will help the 66 million people of Iran to hear God's last-day call in their own language: Farsi.

Inroads into Islam
Because of its location, Sindh was one of the earliest regions in the Indian subcontinent to be influenced by Islam. Once part of India, it now lies within the southern borders of Pakistan. It is time for the Sindhi people to hear of the Creator God, Jesus Christ. Your gift will help that to happen!

Once a Christian Nation
The area now known as Turkey was once the stronghold of Christianity. But today, fewer than one hundred Adventist Christians live in the entire country - a nation of almost 70 million Muslims. Your help is greatly needed to reach the Turkish people. Radio waves can be heard in the secrecy of their own homes, and it is reaping results!

A Studio Is Needed
AWR has always wanted to broadcast in Pashto, the main language spoken by millions of people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the western border of India. These countries are in the news daily. There is very little money locally to support the high priority task of reaching people for Jesus Christ. It is not uncommon for people to pay tithe using rice or wheat. We have a person to produce Pashto programs, but we need a studio. With your help, production can begin soon!

Airtime investment: $150/hour
Language production: $20/hour
Help build a new studio: Only $10,000

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