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16F14 & 16F15 - Semi-nomadic people for Christ: Maasai

Semi-nomadic people for Christ: Maasai

Nº 16F14 & 16F15

The Maasai people are found mostly in Kenya and Tanzania. They are semi-nomadic people, on the move with their livestock in search of fresh pasture. Because of their mobility, one of the most effective ways to reach them is through shortwave radio, which most of them listen to as they watch their flocks.

Another proven way to reach the Maasai is through our solar-powered audio players. These units not only have the Bible in audio format, but also many sermons and Bible studies. With no need for batteries, these solar units are perfect companions. 

Over the years, many Maasai people have come into the church. This has increased the need for pastor visitation across the vast areas through which they roam. A new motorcycle would help Bible workers visit the new converts to strengthen their faith. 

Motorbike for listener visits: $1,000.00

Airtime investment: $130.00 per hour

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