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19G00 - AWR360 Love Gift - Philippines Radio Station

Danawan Water Project

Nº 19G06

Give access to drinking water and the Water of Life to the remote island of Danawan, located off the coast of Mindoro, Philippines. Only a few months ago these islanders providentially tuned into AWR360º radio broadcasts. The majority of the island recently became baptized Seventh-day Adventists. These hard-working people immediately built a humble structure and deemed it their church.


Every day the women of this village must row their boats to one of the neighboring islands to fill their containers full of clean drinking water, then haul the heavy load back to their huts. If there is a storm and the waves are too dangerous, there is no choice but to go without water.


The solution lies three kilometers away. Deep in the impregnable jungle of dangerous terrain is a natural spring. For $9,000 a pipe will be installed running fresh water from the spring to their shoreline church. Villagers from surrounding islands will come to this AWR360º water pipe and receive not only fresh water, but the water of life. As people come to this “water fountain” they will hear AWR radio broadcasting the gospel and Bible health messages. This will be an evangelistic site as it will bring thousands of natives to this water source daily.


$60 provides fresh water for each family

$9,000 provides fresh water for 150 families in the village

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